Amongst The Stars: The Definitive Celestial Experience

Coming to DVD November 2011

Amongst The Stars is a musical and visual odyssey that immerses the viewer in a transcendently poetic tour of the universe. Director Jean-Pierre Rodan uses vivid, breathtaking deep space imagery accentuated by the riveting symphonic music of The United States Air Force Band and The United States Marine Band to capture the wondrous beauty of a universe so magnificent, mere words cannot do the film justice  -  Amongst The Stars must be seen, felt, experienced to be understood.

Surround Sound

Optional Onscreen Subtitles

This option displays the name of each celestial object onscreen.

Loop Play

Optional Loop Play Mode

Continuously play the main movie without interruption. Perfect for parties.


Multiple Audio Tracks

*Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel Audio Track
*DTS Surround Sound Audio Track
*Guided Tour Audio Commentary

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